My journey into the tech world is a tale of how curiosity blossomed into a professional passion, all beginning in an unexpected setting—a local cybercafe. This was where my adventure started, not just in learning to type, but in diving headfirst into the fascinating realm of computers and the internet.

Those Friday evenings spent at the cybercafe after school quickly transformed from routine typing classes to exploratory sessions into the digital universe. The owner, who managed a variety of websites from blogs to e-commerce platforms, became my inadvertent mentor. Under this unique guidance, I began to dabble in the projects he oversaw, slowly but surely learning the ropes of PHP, along with the basics of HTML and CSS. It was here, among the hum of aging computers, that my lifelong bond with coding took root.

As the era of the cybercafe waned, my focus shifted towards high school. These four years were a blend of academic dedication and immersive gaming, notably in Minecraft and League of Legends, which indirectly fueled my fascination with digital environments and their construction. Despite the demands of schoolwork, my thirst for knowledge in programming remained unquenched. I dedicated myself to learning new concepts, keeping abreast of the latest in technology—HTML5, Bootstrap, and JavaScript frameworks on the front end, and advancements like PHP 7, RESTful APIs, and the nascent practices of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) on the back end.

The conclusion of high school marked the beginning of another chapter. I relocated to Valencia to pursue my growing interest in video game development. The academic environment provided a new arena for exploration and growth, but it was the vibrant startup ecosystem that truly captured my imagination. Even before completing my second year, I found myself deeply involved in the startup world, applying and expanding my technical skills in dynamic, real-world projects.